Trigger Godox X1TC TTL for Canon

Trigger Godox X1TS TTL For Canon
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Salah satu produk trigger wireless TTL di DIYKamera adalah Godox X1 dengan akhiran kode untuk Canon. Seperti layaknya trigger modern pada umumnya, Godox memakai frekuensi radio 2,4 GHz untuk transmisi datanya, dan kali ini saya akan bahas trigger Godox yang X1-C untuk Canon.

– Compatible with: Canon cameras; Support for the cameras that have PC sync socket
– Build-in Remote System: 2.4 G wireless transmission
– Modulation Method: MSK
– Power Supply: 2*AA batteries
– Manual Flash: Yes
– TTL Auto Flash: TTL
– Multi flash: Yes
– High Speed Sync (HSS): Yes
– Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC): Yes, 3 stops 1/3 stop increments
– Flash Exposure Lock (FEL): Yes
– Focus Assist: Manual open
– Second Curtain Sync: Yes (Setting on the camera)
– Controlled Slave Groups: Max 5 group (A/B/C/D/E)
– Transmitter Distance: >100 meters
– Channel: 32 channels
– Synchronization Delay Set: Yes (0-10ms, set in unit of 100us)
– Modeling Flash: On/ Off
– Zoom Setting: Adjust the flash’s focal length through the transmitter
– Display Panel: Wide LCD panel, backlight on/off
– Output Interface: Transmitter: use a PC port to input and output
– Firmware Upgrade: Use the Micro USB port to upgrade
– Memory Function: Settings will be stored 2 seconds after last operation and recover after a restart.
– Size: 72x75x52mm
– Weight: 100g